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Not many people know what veneers are until they need one.

If you chip a tooth, it’s not only painful — it can also be embarrassing to talk or smile. A veneer is a layer of tooth-colored material placed on top of your tooth to improve its appearance and protect the tooth from further damage.

Your teeth can also wear down over time, or become jagged in shape. We use composite and porcelain veneers to cover any misshapen teeth.

Veneers allow your tooth to look more aesthetically pleasing while being protected from damage and erosion. When you come in for a tooth veneer, we’ll make sure you leave feeling confident and healthy.

How do Veneers Work?

As a porcelain veneer dentist, we’ll attach a thin layer of material to your chipped or broken tooth. The most commonplace for veneers is the front teeth, as these are the ones most seen when you talk and smile.

Depending on the nature of your case, we may reshape the tooth to make it align with the rest of your teeth. In many cases, getting veneers is not painful and doesn’t require local anesthetics.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Veneers?

Chipping a tooth isn’t fun. It can hinder your speech or ability to chew and doesn’t look so great when you smile. The same is true for gaps in your teeth or small or unusually shaped teeth.

Some veneers can last for a decade or longer. This makes them a great investment for getting your smile back. Veneers are also great for severe discoloration that can’t be treated with whitening procedures.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Because they’re considered a cosmetic procedure, the price of veneers is not often covered by insurance.

You can expect anywhere from $800-$2,500 per tooth. But the price of veneers will range depending on the type of veneers you’re choosing and the expertise of your dentist.

Tooth veneers are a great investment that will last you a long period of time, and can pay for themselves in the confidence you feel with your smile.

Fix Your Smile with a Veneer for a Front Tooth

Accidents happen, If you’ve chipped a tooth or you’re looking to adjust a gap or discolored teeth, we’re happy to help you with beautiful porcelain tooth veneers.

At Access Health Dental we’ll get your smile glowing no matter the situation.

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