Root Canals

At Access Health Dental, we don’t want the words “root canal” to be stressful. With advanced techniques like sedation dentistry and precision tools, a root canal can actually get rid of infection and cure tooth pain. If you have a severe toothache or an abscessed tooth, call us right away to see how we can help.

What is the Root Canal?

Teeth are made up of several different parts. The bit we see every day is called the crown. It is covered in hardened enamel and does a lot of legwork in the mouth. The crown, however, couldn’t do its job without a solid anchor to hold it in place. That anchor is called the root.

Deep inside the tooth, protected by the enameled outer layers, is a soft, nerve-filled material called pulp. The nerves in the pulp run through the inside of the root in a passageway called the root canal. It’s that canal for which this dental treatment is named.

What Does the Root Canal Procedure Really Involve?

The short answer is this: just a cleaning and filling.

The long answer is not very much more complex than that. Cavities can happen anywhere in the tooth. Sometimes they stay somewhere on the crown, and only need a simple patch job. Sometimes they form deep within the root canal.

The process for cleaning out the root canal is very similar to a filling. It only happens a little deeper down. Using a thin, flexible tool, the dentist is able to clean out any infected material in the root are. That space is then filled with a flexible, biocompatible material and sealed with a traditional crown or composite filling.

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The root canal procedure really is no more complicated than that. If you have a deep toothache or severe sensitivity, it’s possible that you may need a root canal procedure. Don’t let the myths scare you away from getting the healthcare you deserve. Call us today.