As our patients grow and develop, so do their teeth, but sometimes adult teeth don’t come in the way they should. For example, teeth might grow in sideways, the lower jaw might not fit properly with the upper jaw, or large gaps can occur.

Misaligned smiles can increase cavity risk, cause problems with chewing, and affect speech. That’s why we offer several types of braces, and we can recommend the best option based on your personal situation. You can have a straight, beautiful smile again with orthodontics!

Wire and Bracket Braces

This method of orthodontia is one of the most familiar. Wire braces are a safe and time-tested way to gradually shift teeth into their optimal position. This is done through strategic tension in the wires.

Each of your teeth will be fitted with a small bracket, which is connected to the other brackets by wire. Every so often, your dentist will tighten these wires in such a way that they will put slight pressure on the teeth, encouraging them to shift in a predetermined direction.

The end result: teeth that look great and function exactly how they ought to.


Bracket-and-wire braces are not the right choice for every orthodontic need. Fortunately, our offices also provide Invisalign treatments.

Invisalign is exactly what it sounds like: tooth alignment that is practically invisible. The clear aligners are transparent, comfortable, and extremely effective. They work a little differently than wire braces, but give the same great results.

Instead of wire adjustments, simply take out the old aligner and replace it with the next in the series. In this way, the teeth receive the same type of pressure and gentle guidance that wire braces give, without the need for an office visit.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Invisalign is fast, averaging about a year for a complete smile makeover. That makes this a high-demand option for those of us who are always on the go.

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