Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Dental lasers sound like something you might find in a futuristic sci-fi novel. But lasers aren’t a thing of the future — they’re being successfully used in dentist offices across the country today!

Dental lasers are excellent for soft-tissue surgeries and for deep cleanings because they can be aimed so specifically. This specificity causes less damage to the surrounding tissue of your teeth during surgery, which means less swelling, less healing time, and more accurate work.

The Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Many patients get nervous when they come across dental lasers. But soft tissue laser treatments are specially designed to ensure they don’t inflict any side effects to your teeth, gums, and the sensitive and soft tooth enamel.

Soft tissue dental lasers allow for:

  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Improved healing
  • Faster recovery from common procedures
  • Treatment on both healthy and diseased tissues (including gum disease and cold sores)

Access Health Dental is thrilled to offer our patients this amazing dental technology for optimal dental surgeries. Contact us today for more information about soft tissue laser therapy »