Professional Teeth Whitening

Are yellowing or stained teeth getting in the way of a confident and stunning smile? We want you to look and feel your best, which is why we offer teeth whitening for our patients.

Many people experience yellowed or stained teeth due to things like coffee or tobacco use, taking certain medications, or even aging. Life happens, and that’s why our dentists offer professional tooth whitening for our patients. With the supervision of our dental team and the great products we use, you can have the bright and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

How Does Whitening Work?

Most whitening systems are peroxide-based. This includes both over-the-counter treatments and professional formulas.

When the peroxide is placed on the tooth, it breaks down into its constituent parts: oxygen and water. The oxygen is what does all heavy lifting in the whitening process. It gets down into the stains on the teeth, where it reacts with the molecules. This reaction breaks the molecules apart, thus destroying the stain.

This process is effective. It’s safe. Best of all, it uses no complicated chemicals or bleaches. Just oxygen and water.

The Benefits of Professional Whitening

Very often, the over-the-counter brands of whitening are a bit underwhelming. This is not due to a failure in the peroxide system, however. Store-bought systems are simply unable to provide as much peroxide concentration as a professional formula.

Here at Access Health Dental, we use professional-grade, Opalescence-brand whitening systems.

Opalescence Boost is our in-office treatment method. In only forty minutes, get a noticeable whitening with a simple professional application.

For take-home convenience, we provide Opalescence Go. Sitting in an office is not always the right choice for everyone. Opalescence Go gives you all of the professional formula and brilliant results that you can use on your own schedule.

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