Dentures can provide a full and beautiful smile for our patients who are missing several teeth. We want you to be able to keep up with your lifestyle, and our denture options can improve your ability to chew and speak. Our dentures don’t just help you eat the foods you want, but can improve your confidence too!

The Truth About Dentures

Dentures are for anyone of any age. They may carry a stigma, which is sometimes perpetuated through cartoons and sketch comedy, but that stigma has long since been rendered obsolete.

The digital age has revolutionized dentistry. With high-definition cameras and top quality x-rays, we can get a look inside your mouth that is more specific, more detailed, and more useful than ever before.

Using those scans, as well as CAD software, we can then digitally design a set of dentures to perfectly match your specifications and needs.

These dental restorations, which come in many different styles, are specific to you, made to blend seamlessly in with your natural teeth, and customized to fit just right.

Traditional Custom Dentures

These are a full set or partial set of synthetic teeth. A set, we may add, that is made specifically for you. The teeth are designed to look completely natural and fit into your mouth perfectly.

The materials used to craft such a set of modern dentures make them ideal for anyone who wants to bite, chew, and speak clearly again with ease. Meal times no longer have to be moments of difficulty or embarrassment.

Implant-supported Dentures

This option brings you all of the same benefits you get with traditional dentures, but does so in a permanent or removable format. While traditional dentures are removable and attached via an adhesive, these teeth will be mounted on implant rods, just as with a single dental implant restoration. The implant rods give a permanent foundation for your dentures.

We place implant rods right in our offices, making us a one-stop shop for any implant needs you may have. Once that rod has been placed, we’ll craft a customized set of dentures just for you. Those dentures attach right to the implant rods, allowing you permanent teeth that will return to you all of the function you’ve been missing.

Partial Denture Sets

Not everyone needs a replacement for an entire set of teeth. Partial sets, as with the other options, are custom-crafted to suit your specific dental needs. They’ll blend in completely with the rest of your natural teeth, and give you a look that’s uniquely your own.

Most partial dentures snap in like a retainer, but implant-supported options are also available.

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