About Us

Our Story

Access Health Dental was reorganized under new management in 2012 to provide an innovative, systematic approach to the delivery of oral health care in Las Vegas. We provide business support services for our dental offices allowing them to focus less on business administration and more on providing the highest quality care for their patients. We believe that good business can lead to good dentistry.

Our Values & Culture

Our Values & Culture set the stage for the emotional and behavioral expectations of our Team. They’re posted in every office; they’re a part of who we are and what we do. We sincerely believe that our behavior towards each other is what creates a wonderful experience for our patients and helps us achieve our purpose: To Create Happy, Healthy Patients. It’s simple and we let our Values & Culture guide us every step of the way.


  • Be Honest
  • If You Don’t Know, Don’t Say
  • Take Problems to Their Source
  • Do What You Say You’ll Do


  • Be Empathetic
  • Be Nice
  • Be Happy to Do It!


  • Be Accountable
  • Be Early
  • Be Ready
  • Your Appearance
  • Leave Your Baggage at the Door


  • Be a Leader
  • Be Solution Minded
  • Follow Up
  • Speak Up
  • Continual Improvement


  • Be a Good Teammate
  • Cheer Each Other On
  • Work Environment
  • Make It Fun!


  • Be Humble
  • Respect
  • Change

Our Community & Doing Good

We believe that good health is essential to the empowerment of individuals and societies and aim to make a meaningful difference to the lives of the people around us. That’s why we participate in a variety of community events and outreach programs. Through our partnerships with Smiles for Life, Give Kids a Smile, Project Smile, MusiCares, Future Smiles, LV Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada Homeless Alliance and the Helping Kids Clinic, we are dedicated to contributing to the health and well-being of the community that we serve.

Our Career Opportunities